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Goats and chickens free-range in a backyard homestead.

Your Complete Homestead Chicken Care Guide for Every Beginner

In starting a homestead with chickens, the challenges and uncertainties that can arise may seem overwhelming. From selecting the right chicken breeds to ensuring their health in a homestead environment, becoming a successful chicken keeper requires comprehensive guidance and practical solutions. You’re not alone in these concerns. Many aspiring homesteaders face the daunting task of […]

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A white chicken looking at a basket of eggs.

Crack Open a Better You: 5 Health Benefits of Eggs

Are you searching for a natural and nutritious solution to improve your health? You may find yourself battling with weight loss goals, struggling to find a sustainable approach that truly works for you. Or perhaps you’re seeking ways to support brain health and enhance cognitive function. It can be disheartening to navigate through the excessive […]

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Small baby chicks

Why You Should Only Buy Baby Chicks from NPIP-Certified Hatcheries

Are you a poultry breeder or a backyard chicken farmer struggling with sick birds? Raising chickens isn’t always easy, especially when your chickens aren’t healthy when you receive them or develop diseases soon after. We understand the frustrations and challenges you may face when it comes to ensuring the health and quality of your flock. […]

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Protecting Your Flock – Decoding the Mystery of Mycoplasma in Chickens

Are you a chicken owner or poultry farmer concerned about the health and well-being of your flock? If so, you may have come across the challenges posed by mycoplasma infections, specifically mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and mycoplasma synoviae (MS). MG and MS affect chickens, turkeys, and other avian species. Found most often in backyard flocks or […]

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A hen laying on some eggs in straw.

Maximizing Egg-Laying Production for a More Prosperous Business

If you run a large poultry farm, have chickens in your back yard, or anything in between, your wellbeing depends on the number of eggs your chickens produce. So, it can be frustrating when your chickens’ egg production decreases or fails to meet your expectations. You may wonder why some hens lay more eggs than […]

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A sick turkey poult.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Blackhead in Turkeys

Blackhead disease, caused by the organism Histomonas meleagridis, has been a persistent challenge for turkey flocks in the poultry industry. Its rapid spread, high mortality rates, and the potential for secondary bacterial infections have made it a cause for concern among backyard poultry raisers, farm owners, and industry professionals. The infection easily spreads through contaminated […]

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White chickens peck the ground in a field by a poultry house.

How to Ensure You Maintain Proper Poultry Farm Biosecurity

Imagine waking up one morning to discover that your once vibrant and productive flock is now showing signs of illness. You notice unhealthy birds, reduced egg production, and even dead birds. The economic consequences can be staggering, not to mention the emotional toll of seeing your hard work succumb to the disease. Diseases like avian […]

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A close-up of a chicken’s foot infected with bumblefoot

Learn to Identify the Warning Signs and Best Treatment for Bumblefoot Chickens

Have you noticed any of your chickens limping or swelling in one of their legs? If so, you must check them for bumblefoot. This common yet potentially dangerous bacterial infection can cause significant discomfort and even lead to severe complications if left untreated. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can effectively prevent and […]

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red chickens in a cage

Chicken Cannibalism: Why Are My Chickens Picking Each Other?

Did you know that chickens can sometimes eat each other? This gruesome behavior is called chicken cannibalism and can cause serious problems for poultry farmers and hobbyists alike. Chicken cannibalism can harm your flock in many ways. It can lower their egg production and make them more vulnerable to diseases and death. This article will […]

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French Guinea Fowl

Raising Guinea Fowl: A Guide to Care and Meat Processing

If you’re already raising other birds on your homestead or farm, such as chickens or ducks, you may have considered adding guinea fowl to your flock. Their lean, tender dark meat is in high demand, and you feel it would help round out your poultry offerings. Additionally, they are more alert to predators and can […]

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chickens on a coop ramp

Chicken Tractor Coop vs. Chicken Coop: Which is Best?

When it comes to raising chickens, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to use a chicken tractor or a chicken coop. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The final decision will depend on your specific requirements and situation. Understanding the Debate Chicken keepers are divided on whether a chicken tractor or […]

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Hens graze on grass on a free-range poultry farm.

Raised to Roam: The Life of Pasture-Raised Chickens

Have you ever wondered what a chicken’s life is like? From small-scale hobby farms to large, commercial farms, there is a wide variety of ways to raise chickens. One way that many families and farmers have found to be beneficial is raising chickens on the pasture.   In this article, we will discover why some […]

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Three yellow baby chicks on a white background.

Pasty Butt in Chicks: What You Need to Know

Are you a chicken keeper or breeder? If so, then you’ve probably heard of pasty butt in chicks. This condition can cause great distress to young birds and even lead to death if not treated quickly. Pasty butt is simply the name given to a combination of stress, humidity, and poor hygiene in baby chicks. […]

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A person holding eggs with chickens walking in the snow in the background.

How to Keep Your Chickens Laying Eggs in the Winter the Right Way

Farms are famous for their myriad of animals, but one staple that most farms have is chickens. They are a fantastic source of protein, both from their meat and eggs. Unfortunately, when the weather gets colder, they often stop laying eggs. So, how do you keep your chickens laying in the winter months? There are […]

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A hand holding a chicken with infectious coryza

What is Infectious Coryza in Chickens, and How Do I Prevent It?

Raising chickens is a rewarding, profitable, and exciting experience. While there are many positive attributes to having chickens in your backyard or farm, it doesn’t come without its share of issues. One of the most critical issues chicken farmers want to address is how to keep their flock healthy and prevent diseases. Coryza in chickens […]

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Raw chicken on a cutting board

A How-To Guide for the Processing of Poultry at Home

Warning: Post contains graphic images Many families are looking into growing and raising their own food to lower the costs associated with food shopping in today’s world or because they want to be able to create tasty, nutrient dense food that and know where it came from. For some, that comes with a curiosity about […]

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Free-range chickens on a farm.

Increase Profitability with Sustainable Chicken Farming

A large part of sustainable chicken farming is profitability. Profits and growth can be more consistent, predictable, and in line with your personal or business goals if your methods can sustain production. But what does it take to develop a sustainability plan for poultry farming? How can sustainably raised chickens help you reach your financial […]

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A roasted whole chicken on a cutting board.

How to Get Tender, Flavorful Meat when Cooking Heritage Chickens

With the price of everything from gas to food on the rise, feeding your family is costly. Whether you buy meat birds from the grocery store or take your family out to eat, you’re likely spending more money than in years past and getting less food. So, what’s the solution? Homeowners or niche free-range farmers […]

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Turkey poults walk around on wood shavings.

Raising Turkeys 101: How to Grow Happy, Healthy Poults

Maybe you’ve been raising chickens successfully and are ready for a new challenge. Or perhaps you want to add to your business by having fresh, free-ranging, or pastured turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving. No matter why you decide you want to try raising turkeys, you need to know the proper care techniques, general information, feed […]

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A woman gives fermented chicken feed to her chickens.

Why Fermenting Chicken Feed is Better for Your Flock

If you own chickens—whether in your backyard or on a farm—you want to provide the best possible care for them. They have a safe place to roam freely, fresh water daily, and a clean chicken coop and run. All in all, you’re doing a great job at caring for your flock. But one way to […]

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A rooster with black feathers and a red comb with avian flu references in text around him.

Avian Flu Outbreak 2022: How It’s Affecting Flocks and Egg Prices

If you own a commercial poultry operation or have backyard flocks of chickens, then you are likely concerned about the recent bird flu news. There is an avian flu outbreak in the United States and other countries, affecting domestic poultry and wild birds. This highly contagious disease can quickly kill an entire flock of chickens, […]

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A white bowl with a duck egg yolk and white on one side and a chicken egg yolk and white on the other.

How Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs Compare in Nutrition, Taste, and Allergy Sensitivity

The egg has been a staple of the human diet since ancient times. It’s popular even today and is especially important in high-protein diets. While most people likely think of chicken eggs when we talk about eating eggs, duck eggs are an exceptionally nutritious option. They have a richer, creamier taste than chicken eggs, and […]

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A large flock of chickens socializing

What Is Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome, and Can I Prevent It?

One afternoon, you are out with your chickens enjoying the sunlight together when you notice one of your chickens appears to be napping in the coop. This behavior is unusual, as this particular chicken is usually very lively with the rest of the flock. When you check on her, you notice she isn’t breathing. There […]

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Four chickens gather in a chicken coop lined with straw.

Is Straw the Best Chicken Coop Bedding for Your Flock?

You want to create a comfortable environment for your chickens for maximum egg production—but you also wish to have a coop and egg boxes that are easy to clean and stay fresh for as long as possible. Is straw for your chicken coop the answer? Or is the best chicken coop bedding another material, like […]

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A backyard chicken coop with green leaves in the background and various tools on the ground.

How Many Square Feet Per Chicken Do I Need?

Whether you’re raising a few chickens in your backyard as pets or for their eggs, or you have a large flock of chickens for your egg-laying or broiler farm, you need to ensure you have enough square feet per chicken available. Not only does having enough space prevent bullying and diseases, but having too much […]

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Two aggressive roosters attacking each other in a yard.

Aggressive Roosters: What You Need to Know & How to Handle Them

Of all the challenges you imagined you’d face as a backyard chicken keeper, aggressive roosters may not be one of them. You probably pictured an idyllic scene where your chickens happily roam around your yard, you go and collect the eggs and feed them, and everything is hunky-dory. So, when facing a rooster who is […]

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A person in a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope examining a chicken.

Take These 5 Crucial Steps to Help Treat Your Sick Chickens

If you notice that your chickens are acting differently or have stopped laying eggs, you should begin sick chicken treatment until you determine and treat the underlying issue. We know how scary and worrisome it can be when your chickens are sick. After all, Freedom Ranger Hatchery—a family of hatcheries—started in a back yard over […]

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A hen in a nesting box laying an egg with two other eggs in a box next to her.

When Do Chickens Lay Eggs and How Can I Prepare for It?

If you’re taking a crack at operating an egg-laying business, you are probably eagerly waiting for the first time your young hens lay an egg. So, when do chickens lay eggs? It depends on their age and breed, but there are also physical and behavioral signs that your pullet—or young hen—will start to lay eggs […]

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Group of Baby Chicks

How to Choose the Best Place to Order Chickens Online

Caring for chickens is such a fun and rewarding experience. It’s no wonder that more people are raising chickens for their enjoyment. Whether your goal is to have a steady supply of eggs, raise meat birds, or  have pet chickens, if you’re ready to order chickens online, you’ve come to the right place! At Freedom […]

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Black snake slithering on a tree

How to Keep Snakes Out of a Chicken Coop

Few things are as frightening to chicken keepers as a snake in the chicken coop. These slithering pests will go after both baby chicks and adult chickens, which can stress even the healthiest of flocks. Even though only a small percentage of snakes are venomous, they can still deliver a nasty bite that’ll require treatment. […]

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Person taking eggs from basket to egg carrier

How to Maximize Chicken Egg Production—3 Things to Know

We may be biased, but at Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we believe owning chickens is one of the most rewarding pastimes you can have. Whether you have a few backyard chickens as pets or rely on your chicken egg production as a means of income, these birds always seem to have a way of making a […]

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woman with chickens

Choosing the Best Egg Laying Chickens

We’ve talked about this on our blog in the past, but starting your own chicken or egg production business can be daunting. Whether you’re looking to do something small out of your backyard or you’re thinking about expanding to a large facility, there are a lot of factors to consider. Like the age-old question of […]

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Chickens outside of coop in the snow

5 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Healthy Throughout the Winter

At Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we’re advocates of free-range chickens and letting birds do what comes naturally to them. That sometimes means going the extra mile to ensure your birds stay happy and healthy all-year-long—especially when cold weather starts kicking in! Whether you have two chickens or 200, there are many tips for keeping your birds […]

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Portrait of a Brown Chinese Goose

Breed Spotlight: Brown Chinese Geese

Raising backyard chickens has become a trendy hobby in recent years, but what about backyard geese? Keeping and breeding a variety of goose breeds has a long tradition in the United States. We know that George Washington had geese on his farm at Mount Vernon, and records indicate that he was given three Chinese geese […]

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Shopping for chicken

Organic Poultry is Half as Likely to be Salmonella Contaminated

In a previous post, we talked about the common bacteria known as Salmonella, and more specifically, how it could affect your chicken flock. We discussed how you can identify it in your flock and what you can do to prevent it. And while the details of that post haven’t changed, there is some new information […]

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Large adult chicken with growing chicks in a free-range environment

What to Know About the Broiler Chicken Growth Rate Debate

If you are an experienced poultry producer, you likely already know that a debate has been heating up in the past few years over the growth rate of chickens raised for meat. And if you’re newer to growing broilers, or are considering jumping into the business soon, you may also be familiar. Of course, you […]

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Flock of Novogen brown chickens

Breed Spotlight: Novogen Brown

The age-old question, “Which came first—the chicken or the egg?” may forever go unanswered, but when you’re looking for the best brown egg-layers, we suggest starting with the chicken. And in this instance, it’s the Novogen Brown! In today’s post, we’re highlighting one of our favorite (and best) egg-layers that we have in stock here […]

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Color yield chickens

How Many Chicks to Order to Fit Your Broiler Farm

When you’re first starting out raising chickens, you may not think you’ll get to the level where you’d be turning a profit. Most farms start with only a few chickens, and then slowly turn into a broiler farm over time, or at least start to entertain the idea. If you’re reading this, you may be […]

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Freedom Ranger chicken

Breed Spotlight: Freedom Ranger Chickens

It’s all in the name—our Freedom Ranger Chickens are the reason our hatchery has the name it does. These birds are the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop—or should we say, the “cream of the flock”—when it comes to high-quality broiler chickens. There’s a reason our Freedom Ranger Chickens are one of […]

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Broiler chickens

What to Look for When Choosing Your Breed of Broiler Chickens

When you’re looking to get started with broiler chickens, you may not know what exact breed of broiler chickens will be best for you. And that’s okay! Here at Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we’ve been in the chicken business for over 15 years, so we’re here to do some of that decision-making for you. While you […]

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American roosters in silhouette greeting the rising sun

What the New Trade Deal With Japan Means for US Poultry Farmers

In our recent blog post about what to consider when starting an egg-laying business, we talked a bit about determining the market you want to target with your products. As a new business owner, you’ll more than likely sell your eggs at a roadside stand on or near your property instead of across the seas […]

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Young couple with chicken and eggs starting an egg laying business

5 Factors to Consider When Cracking Into the Egg Laying Business

There’s something inherently rewarding about having your very own farm-fresh eggs every day. When you raise your chickens from the egg to chick to egg-laying hens themselves, there’s a sense of pride and accomplishment in what you’ve helped cultivate. And as your egg production increases, you may be wondering if you should start an egg […]

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Chicken taking dust bath to rid itself of chicken mites

How to Get Rid of Chicken Mites and Lice Naturally

When you hear the words “lice,” “fleas,” or “mites,” if you’re anything like us, you likely already start to feel itchy. Just the thought of those tiny eight- or six-legged pests crawling anywhere near you, your family, or pets probably has you on edge. But did you know that your chickens can also contract pests […]

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Two chicks standing together

Sexing Chicks: How to Determine Gender of Your Chickens

Anyone who has had chickens most likely already knows how difficult sexing chicks can be. When the birds are young, the ways to tell what gender your chicken is aren’t always 100 percent foolproof. Whether you’re a new hatchery owner or you just purchased a straight run of chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we want […]

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Chicken eggs with salmonella

Salmonella: What it Means for Broilers and Egg-Layers

What to Know About Salmonella and the Impact on Different Flock Types According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “salmonella causes about 1.2 million illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations, and 450 deaths in the United States every year.” Those are staggering numbers, and most of those salmonella infections come from food. While you can […]

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Rooster walking

What is Marek’s Disease? And How to Not Lose 40% of Your Flock

It’s no secret that here at Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we’re all about happy, healthy birds. From chick vaccinations to chicken feed, we’ve covered a variety of topics to optimize your flock’s health. And while we always guarantee you the highest-quality birds, we also want to help make sure you recognize how to keep your flock […]

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Chick by feed bucket

What Chick Vaccinations Should You Get?

When it comes to raising chickens, health is always a top priority. After all, healthy chickens are more productive and more profitable in the long run. Unfortunately, many diseases can wipe out a large percentage of your chickens or leave them more vulnerable to other infections, costing you time and money. The good news is […]

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Baby chickens

Everything You Need to Know About Wry Neck in Chickens

For any chicken farmer, the health of your birds should be at the top of your priority list. Without a healthy flock, egg production lowers, sickness can spread, and in the end, you may lose chickens (and profit). There are certain diseases, like wry neck, that can be very alarming for first-time farmers. At Freedom […]

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Girl with chicken

How to Prevent and Treat the 5 Most Common Chicken Diseases

No matter what you use your chickens for, keeping your birds happy and healthy is always a priority in raising them. Healthy chickens mean a better profit for your hatchery. To keep your birds healthy and free of poultry diseases, your biosecurity needs to be up to snuff. At Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we are dedicated […]

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Baby chicks

What is Aspergillosis? Plus How to Prevent It in Your Flock

Aspergillosis is a non-contagious respiratory disease caused by a fungal species known as Aspergillus. Commonly referred to as mycotic pneumonia, brooders pneumonia, or fungal pneumonia, Aspergillosis affects chickens, ducks, turkeys, waterfowl, game birds, and many other bird species. Young birds are the most susceptible to infection, though older birds under stress or with compromised immune […]

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Chicken feed

What to Feed Your Chickens, and What Not to Feed Them

A visit to the local feed store can be overwhelming, especially for new chicken owners. Each colorful bag of chicken feed contains a variety of terms from “mash” and “grower feed” to “medicated” or “un-medicated,” “fermented,” and more. So how do you make sense of all the jargon and choose the right food for your […]

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Chicken flock

Choosing the Right Chickens to Start Your Flock

Whether you’re considering raising chickens in your own backyard or have an established farm suitable for free range chickens, you’re probably wondering how to choose between the vast numbers of chicken breeds available. Beyond choosing whether you will raise chickens for eggs or meat, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before settling […]

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Healthy chickens and their eggs

Protecting Your Chickens from Newcastle Disease

Newcastle disease (ND), also known as pneumoencephalitis, is a contagious, viral infection that affects both domestic and wild birds, particularly chickens. The most highly contagious and deadly form of the Newcastle virus is known as viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease (VVND). VVND is also referred to as exotic Newcastle disease or Asiatic Newcastle disease. Newcastle disease […]

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Chicken flock in the field

How to Raise Chickens Using Alternative Poultry Production Techniques

With the increased awareness the “integrity food movement” has raised about the nutritional benefits of chickens raised in more natural environments, chickens raised with more human techniques are more profitable than ever before. Now is a great time to invest in what many people refer to as “free-range flocks” to sell as backyard layer flocks […]

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Hens grazing

Coccidiosis & Your Chickens – What You Need to Know

Whether you are thinking about raising your own chickens for meat or eggs or have an established flock, learning to protect your chickens from a variety of diseases will help you raise the most productive and healthy chickens. One such disease is coccidiosis, the number one killer of brooder chicks, according to the Chicken Chick. […]

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Proper chick care

Chick Care on Day One

Purchasing day-old chicks and raising them yourself can be an entertaining and rewarding endeavor. There’s a great deal of work and time commitment involved to raising day-old chicks; however, with the right information and tools, you’ll be enjoying the sight of growing chicks and fresh eggs/meat in no time. The basics and what you need […]

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