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Day-Old Chicks

Exceptional eggs and the highest-quality chicks result when birds live as they were naturally meant to—free-range, able to spread their wings and happily roam. When you order day-old chicks from our family of hatcheries, you can rest assured that you’re getting healthy one-day-old chicks from the finest stock—straight from the beautiful farming country of Lancaster County, PA.

Whether you’re looking to produce meat or eggs—or a combination of both—we believe you’ll find our day-old chicks for sale to be precisely what you need.

  • Broilers


    These chickens are bred for meat production, with their ability to proliferate and provide the highest-quality meat in appearance and taste. The day-old chicks of broiler breeds we offer are among the most sought-after meat producers and, of course, are all bred and hatched at our family-owned and operated hatcheries.

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  • Dual-Purpose Breeds

    Dual-Purpose Breeds

    When you want eggs and meat from the same source, have a look at our one-day-old dual-purpose chicks. These chickens may not specialize in meat or egg production, but when it comes to delivering the best of both worlds, they’ll keep your family happy at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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  • Egg Layers

    Egg Layers

    When what you want most is a healthy supply of fresh eggs every day, our hatcheries’ egg-layer chicks are the right choice. These chickens are bred specifically to dedicate all their energy to producing eggs, and our breeds are among the top egg producers on the market.

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