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Egg-Layer Hatching Eggs

Hatch Your Own Egg-Layer Chickens with Our Hatching Eggs

Watching with wonderment as chicks roll their hatching eggs, chip away at the shell—and finally emerge—is a delightful experience for the whole family. When those chicks grow to be adult hens, laying their own eggs, you’ll experience an entirely new type of thrill: Providing your family with fresh eggs, every day.

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In 2012, Art started helping out at Freedom Ranger Hatchery. It didn’t take long for the newest hatchery to be added to the family—initially known as Art’s Hatchery, and now Hillside Hatchery. Specializing in egg-layer breeds, the newest of our hatcheries is already well-established, providing high-quality birds for sale…just like the rest of our family of hatcheries at Freedom Ranger.
Egg-Layer Hatching Eggs
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Our Egg-Layer Hatching Eggs Guarantee

Our family of hatcheries guarantees fresh, fertilized hatching eggs—from our own high-quality egg-layer breeds—that are delivered uncracked and unbroken. Shipments of hatching eggs are insured, so should you notice a problem, we urge you to contact us immediately. We will supply you with replacements as needed.

Because egg incubation will be out of our hands, we cannot guarantee that all eggs will hatch. Even in optimal conditions, success rates are only 85-90%. Our eggs are painstakingly packaged for shipment, but jostling, temperature fluctuations, dropping…are all possibilities when shipping. Due to these variables, you can expect your hatch rate to be slightly lower than that 85-90%. Again, we guarantee that you’ll receive fresh, fertilized, unbroken eggs—we cannot guarantee they will hatch.

Order Your Egg-Layer Hatching Eggs Today

Hatching eggs from egg layer breeds are sold here, by the dozen, and shipped directly to you by USPS Priority Mail. Start by choosing your desired breed (see above for more details about our egg-layer breeds), quantity, and preferred ship dates. We will be in touch by email to confirm your shipment.

Don’t wait to experience the thrill of hatching your very own hatching eggs! Our egg-layer hatching eggs are the same eggs we hatch at our hatcheries, and they come from our prime stock so you know you’re getting the very best fertilized eggs. That also means you’ll be getting the very best egg-laying chickens.

Not sure you want to hatch your own eggs? But you want to raise egg-laying chickens? Browse our selection of newly hatched, day-old egg-layer chicks—shipped directly from our family to yours.

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