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New Hampshire Chicken

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GMO-Free, New Hampshire Chickens (Straight Run Only)

The Free-Range New Hampshire chickens bred and raised by our family of hatcheries ship direct to you. They come from Henry Knoll's line and are especially great for meat production. We have been feeding this flock GMO-free feed since 2015. Now, you can have that same great line of birds for your family or business. This flock is ideal to be raised all naturally, in a free-range environment, for sale to organic markets. Choose your options below to buy yours today!

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In 2005, Kendall and his wife Ginger started hatching chicks in their two-car detached garage. The operation eventually expanded and was launched as Fox Farm & Hatchery, Inc. The Foxes then purchased the Freedom Ranger brand and incorporated the business under the name Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc.
New Hampshire Chicken
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Get the Best of Both Worlds with New Hampshire Chickens

Whether you’re looking for delicious, rich, yellow-skinned meat or beautiful brown eggs, the New Hampshire is your chicken. A true dual-purpose bird, our Old Type New Hampshire chickens will continue to reproduce true to their Hampshire breed.

When developing our New Hampshire Reds, Henry Knoll worked to maintain the fast-feathering and rapid-growth features that make this dual-purpose breed so desirable for mass production and the backyard. Our birds are calm and very friendly and lay about 200 large, light-brown eggs per year (for best egg production, limit hens’ feed intake as their strength is in meat production). Please note these chicks grow so fast that you do not want to use them for show purposes.

The New Hampshire Red’s Best Features

Fast feathering and rapid growth mean that our New Hampshire chickens waste no time filling out their reputations for meat production in the broiler industry. These birds are light red in color, with a deep, broad body, often go broody, and are known for their mothering abilities. New Hampshire hens will grow to about six pounds, while roosters reach approximately 8.5 pounds. They lay large, light-brown eggs—around 200 annually.

The New Hampshire Red’s Heritage

In 1915, the Rhode Island Red chicken was intentionally bred with others to create a winning meat producer. The result was the New Hampshire chicken, a breed valued primarily for its meat and secondarily for its egg-laying ability.

Caring for NH Red Chicks

From the moment your NH red chicks arrive, it’s crucial to create a warm and welcoming environment for them. Providing a clean and well-insulated brooder with ample space is essential for their growth and development. Make sure to maintain a comfortable temperature between 90-95°F (32-35°C) during their first week, gradually decreasing it by 5°F (2-3°C) each week until they can withstand ambient temperatures.

Proper nutrition is key to raising healthy and vibrant NH red chicks. Choose a high-quality starter feed specifically formulated for young chicks, ensuring it provides the necessary nutrients for their growth. Additionally, offer clean water at all times, using shallow containers to prevent drowning accidents. As your chicks mature, gradually introduce grit to support their overall well-being.

New Hampshire Red chickens are also known for their adaptability and ability to thrive in various environments. Whether you’re raising them in a backyard coop or a larger free-range setting, NH Reds are well-suited for both scenarios. Their medium-sized frames, deep, broad bodies, and single combs make them resilient in different climates and weather conditions.

New Hampshire Chickens for Sale Here

As you can see on the ordering chart above, New Hampshire Reds are only available in a straight run, meaning you will receive a mix of males and females. Please note that you can choose to have your day-old chicks vaccinated against Marek’s Disease, and you can also select your ship date. Act fast to get your first choice, and contact us with any questions. But hurry and place your order before the ship dates are filled!

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