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In exchange for a safe nighttime shelter, freshwater for drinking, bathing, and wading, and a small amount of feed—geese and ducks will repay you with several benefits. Waterfowl eggs are higher in fat and protein than chicken eggs. This nutritional content makes for lush, golden homemade pasta and more decadent baked goods that rise higher.

  • Ducks


    Few things are more entertaining than watching ducks parade around the backyard, busily talking, eating garden pests, and chasing off bothersome rodents. Our Khaki Campbell Ducks and Muscovy Ducks lay large, thick-shelled eggs, provide delicious meat, and make gentle, loving pets when raised from ducklings.

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  • Geese


    Geese are masters at eating weeds, patrolling their property, and scaring off pests and intruders. They’re romantic creatures, bonding for life and showing affection to those who raise them from goslings. Brown Chinese Geese from our family of hatcheries come from eggs laid by happy, healthy geese that have made their home on the green acres of Lancaster County, PA.

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