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  • Day-Old Chicks

    Day-Old Chicks

    Exceptional eggs and the highest-quality chicks result when birds live as they were naturally meant to—free-range, able to spread their wings and happily roam. When you order day-old chicks from our family of hatcheries, you can rest assured that you’re getting healthy one-day-old chicks from the finest stock—straight from the beautiful farming country of Lancaster County, PA.

    Whether you’re looking to produce meat or eggs—or a combination of both—we believe you’ll find our day-old chicks for sale to be precisely what you need.

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  • Guinea Keets

    Guinea Keets

    Raising guinea fowl can be a satisfying and profitable business. The French Guinea hens for sale by our hatcheries grow twice as fast as other guinea fowl varieties. They are used primarily for meat, which is in high demand, thanks to its lean, tender, dark quality. When you’re looking for high-quality guinea fowl, look no further than our family of hatcheries.

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  • Hatching Eggs

    Hatching Eggs

    Looking for hatching eggs? If you’d like to experience the excitement of hatching your own chicks or ducklings from fertile hatching eggs, you’ve come to the right place. Freedom Ranger’s family of hatcheries provides all-natural, free-range environments so our chickens can roam free, living as nature intended. That, combined with optimal nutrition and care, means the fertilized hatching eggs you’ll receive will be of the highest quality.

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  • Silkie Chicks

    Silkie Chicks

    People often raise Silkie Chicks as show birds, making their unique appearance one of their most desirable qualities. Bantam Silkies’ sweet temperaments have earned them nicknames like “the poodle of the chicken world” and “kittens of the farmyard.” To add these beautiful and friendly Silkies to your backyard or farm, browse the Silkie chicks for sale by our trusted free-range breeders.

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  • Waterfowl


    There are countless reasons why waterfowl make remarkable additions to any farm or backyard. Those reasons include entertainment, pest control…and eggs that are higher in fat and protein than chicken eggs, meaning you’ll make lush, golden homemade pasta and decadent baked goods that rise higher. Buy your day-old Brown Chinese Geese, White French Geese, Khaki Campbell ducks, and Muscovy ducks from our family of hatcheries.

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