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How to Choose the Best Place to Order Chickens Online

Group of Baby Chicks

Caring for chickens is such a fun and rewarding experience. It’s no wonder that more people are raising chickens for their enjoyment. Whether your goal is to have a steady supply of eggs, raise meat birds, or  have pet chickens, if you’re ready to order chickens online, you’ve come to the right place!

At Freedom Ranger Hatchery, our family-owned and operated farm raises free-range, high-quality chickens for people like you across America. Our online chicken hatchery allows you to choose your chicken breed, date of shipment, and teaches you how to care for your chicks from day one. We know that you have your choice in selecting the right place to buy chickens online, and we are confident that our hatchery will exceed your expectations.

Ensure the Hatchery is Reputable and NPIP-Certified

When looking for a supplier to order baby chicks online, you’ll want to do some research. First, ensure the hatchery you are ordering from is the place where the chickens are raised. There are a surprisingly large number of online retailers that accept orders and send them to a hatchery or breeder, acting as a “middleman.”

Second, ensure the hatchery is NPIP-certified. The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is run by the United States Department of Agriculture and monitors flocks and hatcheries for severe diseases. They must adhere to specific safety standards to prevent spreading these diseases.

When you choose Freedom Ranger Hatchery, you can rest assured that all of our free-range chickens are raised right here on family farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. All our hatcheries are NPIP-certified, and we’re dedicated to sustainable farming methods that produce high-quality chicks.

Check if the Breed You Want is Available

If you’re ready to order chickens online, you have likely already researched which breeds are best to start your flock and how many chicks you should order. As you explore online hatcheries, ensure that they have the types of chickens you want for your backyard or broiler farm.

Unlike local animal supply stores or animal auctions, ordering chicks online allows you to purchase rare breeds, like our Bantam Silkies. If you visit a place in person to find chickens for sale, you’ll be limited to the variety of breeds available at the time.

At Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we offer various types of birds, making us your ideal poultry supplier. You can choose from multiple breeds of:

  • Broiler chickens
  • Dual purpose breeds
  • Egg layers
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Guinea hens
  • Hatching eggs

Find Out if the Hatchery Can Ship to You

An essential facet of selecting an online chick supplier is whether they can ship to you and how they calculate their shipping rates. Often, hatcheries will include the price of shipping into the cost of the chicks and claim “free shipping” on your orders. You’re likely paying more for shipping since prices vary depending on the shipment’s origin, your location, and the weight of the shipment.

With Freedom Ranger, we can ship anywhere in the United States with a zip code, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our shipping rates are based on zones and weight, so you never pay more than necessary for shipping. Our birds are carefully boxed according to the season to give them the best chance of survival during shipment.

However, we understand that sometimes nature can take its course, so we automatically add an extra two percent of birds to your order to ensure you get the live number of birds you expect.

Is It Safe to Order Chickens Online?

Yes, it is very safe when you order chickens online from a reputable hatchery, like Freedom Ranger. It’s even safer than buying chicks at an auction or flea market, as you don’t know if the chicks came from an NPIP-certified hatchery or if they’ve had vaccinations.

In addition, we ship our chicks via USPS Priority Mail, so it typically takes one to three days from your shipping date for the chicks to arrive. The chicks can survive for 72 hours on the remaining egg yolk without needing additional food or water. Just let your local post office know that you have live chicks arriving, so they can call you when your chicken delivery comes.

Research the Ordering Process and Policies

When you order chickens online, you’ll also want to make sure the process is simple and convenient. You should be able to select the sex of the birds or choose a straight run where the males and females aren’t separated. An excellent online chicken hatchery should also provide you with information about the different breeds of the birds, make recommendations on what chickens are best for egg-laying or meat, and offer an optional Marek’s vaccination.

With Freedom Ranger, you can find all this information and more! Our ordering process is straightforward. Simply select the breed of chicken you want, choose the sex of the birds, decide whether you like us to vaccinate for Marek’s for you, and then choose from the available shipping dates.

It takes three weeks for eggs to hatch, so we recommend ordering at least four weeks in advance. We’ll take care of the rest as you prepare for delivery and make sure they have everything the chicks need set up and ready to go.

Where Can You Buy Chickens Online? Freedom Ranger, of Course!

Whether it’s your first time getting chicks or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll receive high-quality chicks when you order chickens online from a trustworthy hatchery, like Freedom Ranger. We take great pride in our NPIP-certified hatcheries and various breeds of chickens, ensuring that you get only the best chicks available.

Why risk getting chickens from anywhere else that doesn’t have the safety measures, information, and easy ordering process we have? Instead, choose Freedom Ranger Hatchery for all your poultry needs! Order now from our family farm to yours!