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What to Look for When Choosing Your Breed of Broiler Chickens

Broiler chickens

When you’re looking to get started with broiler chickens, you may not know what exact breed of broiler chickens will be best for you. And that’s okay!

Here at Freedom Ranger Hatchery, we’ve been in the chicken business for over 15 years, so we’re here to do some of that decision-making for you. While you can always contact us to learn more about what broiler chicken breed will work best for you, we wanted to offer a few statistics about a few common breeds.

This chart is an excellent guide on determining which chicken breed will be best for you to raise. We’ll take into consideration your meat-growing needs, egg production, climate, and even budget!

chicken infographic

When you’re looking for optimal meat and egg producing birds for a free range environment, our Freedom Ranger birds are the best of the best. We maintain our own breeding stock of Freedom Ranger and GMO Free Parent chickens. Our family farm is dedicated to traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods that produce high-quality chickens for our customers.

If you have any questions, would like to see other birds we offer, or are ready to make a purchase, let us know!