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Breed Spotlight: Novogen Brown

Flock of Novogen brown chickens

The age-old question, “Which came first—the chicken or the egg?” may forever go unanswered, but when you’re looking for the best brown egg-layers, we suggest starting with the chicken. And in this instance, it’s the Novogen Brown!

In today’s post, we’re highlighting one of our favorite (and best) egg-layers that we have in stock here at Freedom Ranger Hatchery. Keep reading to learn more about the Novogen Brown chicken, and what owning a few of these could do for your egg-laying business.

Quick Chicken Facts: Novogen Brown
Primary Function: Egg Production
Eggs: X-Large, Brown
Avg. Eggs Laid: Approx. 4-6 per Week
Personality: Calm

Physical Characteristics

The first thing to know about the Novogen Brown is that it’s what we call a “red sex link” chicken. What this means is that both the hens and roosters can be easily identified by their colors right when they hatch. This happens because two non-Novogen Brown chickens are bred together to create this ultimate egg-layer.

Our particular breed was developed in France, which draws from a cross between Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White genetics. As a result, we get beautiful reddish-brown hens, mostly white roosters, and extra-large brown eggs.

Speaking of eggs, we weren’t kidding when we called these chickens top-quality egg-layers. On average, Novogen Brown hens produce 395 eggs in 72 weeks of laying. They even start laying eggs as early as 20 weeks of age! At first, these chickens will only lay at about 50% their average capacity, but at full production, they’ll give you 4-6 extra-large dark brown eggs a week that have excellent shell strength.


These birds are excellent egg-layers for any size farm or egg-laying business. A lot of the time, people will purchase a small handful of these birds to keep around as family pets due to their calm and easy-to-manage personality. The Novogen Brown has been bred to adapt to different living conditions, so they’ll thrive in both housing and free-range environments.

Other Facts

Due to how successful and common these birds are, they’re also some of the most decently priced egg-laying hens on the market. At Freedom Ranger Hatchery, our pricing for Novogen Brown hens is as follows:

  • Up to 24: $3.25
  • 25 – 49: $2.48
  • 50 – 74: $2.35
  • 75 – 99: $2.25
  • 100+: $2.10

You can visit our product page for more information on rooster or straight run pricing.

Ready to Purchase Some of Our Novogen Brown Chickens?

At our hatchery, it’s important to us that our birds meet the highest quality standards for free-range, organic chickens. We believe that the art of producing high-quality chickens comes from letting them do what comes most naturally to them, right here on our family farm in Lancaster County, Pa.

All of our incubators are on-site, and we don’t use third-party drop shippers. We pride ourselves on bringing the best egg quality right from our hatchery to your table. If you’re ready to learn more or place an order, send us a message, and we’ll be happy to answer any more questions you have about our Novogen Brown chickens.