Bantam Silkies

Bantam Silkies

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Bantam Silkie chickens are an old breed, reputed to go back to as far as 206 BC in China. They became part of the American Poultry Association standard in 1874. All Silkies are considered bantam in the U.S. and Canada, while every other country recognizes them as bantam and large fowl types.

Bantam Silkies are easily recognized by their soft, fur-like feathers that are fluffy. Their feathers are not waterproof and can look pretty comical when wet. It's best to towel-dry or blow dry their feathers if they get extremely wet. Silkies can't fly because of their feather structure. Their color range includes blue, black, white, gray, buff, splash and partridge. Unlike most chickens that have four toes, Bantam Silkies have five and they are black vs. yellow.


Silkies reach only 8-14 inches tall. Males can weigh up to 4 pounds, with females tipping in at three pounds. The American Standard for Perfection calls for males at 36 ounces with females at 32 ounces.

Good For

Bantam Silkies are often raised as show birds. Hens are excellent mothers and can be used to hatch the eggs of other chicken breeds.


Their calm, friendly, and gentle temperament makes them a great pet. That calm temperament can make them a target, however, for more aggressive breeds.

Egg Production

Silkie's aren't known for their egg production, typically less than 120 in a year amounting to three a week, but they do start laying earlier in the year than other hen species. Eggs are cream colored and small- to medium-sized.

Time to Maturity

Chicks from bantam hatcheries mature reasonably fast. Pullets mature at 8-10 months, while cockerels take a bit longer at 10-12 months. Feathers set at three months and then molt at six to eight months. Bantam Silkies will live between 7-9 years, though the care they're given may extend that life span.

Breed FAQs

Can you eat a silkie chicken?

Bantam Silkie chickens can certainly be eaten. Just don't expect a big meal from them. There's little meat to be gained, maybe a pound when dressed. That said their meat is rich and delicate.

Do silkie chickens make good house pets?

In a word, Bantam Silkies are adorable. Their lightweight and small-size, coupled with the fact that they like to be handled so they can make a great pet for children, especially if you elect to show them.


We breed and hatch our Bantam Silkies at our farm in Reinholds, PA. We maintain our breeding stock with our incubating equipment. Chicks will be sent after hatching and shipped on Mondays. All Silkie chickens for sale are carefully packaged keeping in mind the season to accommodate weather conditions. From April 1 through October 31, the minimum order is 15. Orders from November 1 to March 31 require a minimum of 25.

If you'd like to have Bantam Silkies from our bantam hatchery on your property, use our online ordering form.