French Guinea Keets

Hatchery: JM Hatchery

French Guinea Keets

Hatchery: JM Hatchery
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Known for their fast growth rate and tender, lean meat, our French Guinea Keets are a popular choice for free range farmers, restaurants and others seeking a hearty meat producing bird. French Guinea Keets grow twice as fast and can weigh up to 2 pounds more than common Guinea Fowl.

French Guineas originated in Africa and were brought to the US before the Civil War. The breeding stock for our French Guineas is imported from France. Full-grown Guinea Hens are often noted for their protective personalities and ornamental appearance. French Guineas are also helpful at keeping insects at bay, particularly ticks, so they are perfect for farm environments and backyard growers as well.

After French Guinea Keets reach 2 weeks of age, they are among the most hardy, domestic birds available.

Quality You Can Count On
Our French Guinea keets are hatched on our family farm at J & M Hatchery and shipped directly to you. We maintain our own breeding stock and incubators. We do not use third-party drop shippers to handle our products.
  • Tender, Lean Meat
  • Fast Growing
  • Great for free range and pastured environments
  • Helps reduce insects including ticks