How to Raise Chickens Using Alternative Poultry Production Techniques

With the increased awareness the “integrity food movement” has raised about the nutritional benefits of chickens raised in more natural environments, chickens raised with more human techniques are more profitable than ever before. Now is a great time to invest in what many people refer to as “free-range flocks” to sell as backyard layer flocks or meat to individuals. But how do you get started?

Today we’re taking a closer look at what these alternative poultry production techniques are, why people are interested in them, and how you can build up a healthy flock as a grower with chicks sourced from highly reputable hatcheries like Freedom Ranger. Continue reading “How to Raise Chickens Using Alternative Poultry Production Techniques”

Understanding NPIP Certification Standards for Poultry

Raising chickens isn’t always easy, especially when your chickens aren’t healthy when you receive them or develop diseases soon after. However, you can protect your investment in your flock and save yourself a lot of frustration by taking steps to get your chicks from the most reputable sources.

One factor to consider is deciding whether to purchase your chicks from an NPIP-certified hatchery. Continue reading “Understanding NPIP Certification Standards for Poultry”