Freedom Ranger Black Broiler

Freedom Ranger Black Broiler

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Broiler chickens are bred specifically for fast growth and weigh four pounds at seven to nine weeks of age. To accomplish that growth, broilers need seven major nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen. Black broilers have thin, white body skin with black feathers, shanks, and beaks. Others may have multi-colored feathers. They are well-suited to free-range, organic, pastured and welfare-friendly environments. Black broiler chickens are considered one of the best chicken breeds for meat to raise in your backyard.

Broilers are grown in environmentally controlled conditions, with particular attention to ventilation. A broiler will consume around nine pounds of feed and reach five pounds in five weeks. Both males and females are used as broiler chickens.


Black broiler chicks can grow to five or six pounds in 11-13 weeks. Optimally, four pounds is ideal for market readiness.

Good for

Black chickens have a reputation as a gourmet chicken because they development higher meat density and more flavor, especially when grown in free-range or pasture environments.


Black broilers are docile and get along well with other chickens. They are easy to tame.

Egg Production

Where broiler chickens are concerned, egg production isn't the primary goal. As a result, they will lay fewer eggs than other breeds, typically in the range of 140 per year.

Time to Maturity

Chickens typically hit maturity at 16 to 24 weeks. Black chickens, however, are normally slaughtered before they reach maturity. They are bred to be slaughtered as early as four weeks.

Breed FAQs

What is a broiler chicken?

Very simply, a broiler chicken is any chicken that is bred specifically for meat production.

Can broiler chickens lay eggs?

A broiler can, and does, lay eggs, though much less than other chickens. Their primary purpose is putting on weight for meat production and not producing eggs.


Broiler chickens are available for sale consistently each week from January through mid-June. Production ceases from mid-June through early August, with availability every other week through the end of the year.

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